The Beginnings of The Safe Aesthetic Practitioner (SafeAP).

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Pimples, acne and breakouts! You would think I was talking about my teenage years. But sadly, that is not the case! These were still my problems up till a year ago. Yes, from way back in my teens.

Why didn’t I deal with this then? It is due to Newton’s third law of motion.  With every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The ‘action’ refers to my mother and the ‘reaction’ is me. You get the gist. Growing up, she won the Battle of the Good Grades and the Battle of Staying Out of Trouble. So naturally I was going to win the Battle of the Skin and I have regretted this. I am now in my 30s and the aftermath is still so fresh! (just to be clear it was not a real battle; no children were harmed, and the aftermath here refers to my acne scarring and I am admitting that my mother was right!)

As a young adult, I tried many different things from antibiotics, to microdermabrasion, microneedling to chemical peels. I even went to extremes of microneedling with a chemical peel right after (that was a painful experience). I was trying one treatment after the other, not sticking to any of them.

Why? I felt uncomfortable. I felt that if I were to visit one of the clinics people would think of me as being vain or pass negative judgement. The other major contributing factor was the cost, and yes I know that to get things done the right way it comes with a price, unfortunately at that time it was something I just could not afford.  

Before I ramble on, here’s a little background on myself. My name is Subha and I am from Malaysia. I came to the UK to study medicine on a scholarship and that was where I befriended Sieuming. This was the beginning of our journey.

We have been friends for at least 12 years. It was not until in 2018 when I finally realized I was getting nowhere with my acne that I swallowed my pride and reached out to Sieuming. She had just begun training to be a Maxillo-facial surgeon and had a small bespoke aesthetic practice on the side with affordable prices.

With her, I felt at ease.  Together we figured my skin goals and got down to the real issues that were bothering me. We came up with a plan to tackle those issues and I am proud to say that I have kept to the skin regime that she has recommended. I still do break out occasionally but not as severely as before, and I am happy with the outcome.

I know my experience is not going to be the same as everyone else’s and the reasons for your non-surgical aesthetic treatment may be different to mine. But knowing who your practitioner is and having the option to choose from a range of treatments should be accessible to anyone interested in non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

Now, how does one find an independent healthcare practitioner like Sieuming? Unfortunately, it is not going to be through Google.  Sieuming is an example of one of the many independent healthcare aesthetic practitioners available out there that are offering non-surgical aesthetic treatments at affordable prices. But they are not easy to find. 

To overcome this, we came up with the idea for The Safe Aesthetic Practitioner (SafeAP), where we combine safety with convenience and accessibility. With SafeAP, you can search, book and pay from a list of independent healthcare practitioners. You can even filter practitioners based on price, location or treatments.

Find out more about Sieuming’s motivations on starting The Safe Aesthetic Practitioner and her passion in making the industry safer, in our next blog!

Stay safe and signing out


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